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Hello everyone, I am a 37 year old female and I found this after I googled the same problem. I am having a wierd fluttery, slightly uncomfortable feeling right below my breast and sometimes it's a constant dull ache. This feeling came on AFTER 2 days of a dull constant ache in the center of my chest between my breast. I am sort of concerned.


Hello, Guest... I am sorry about your chest discomfort you are having.  Are you having any other symptoms like shortness of breath?  You may have something like a hiatal hernia that is pressing in your chest.  Do you have acid reflux or heartburn?  I believe you should have a doctor check you out to rule out cardiac issues or if you have a hernia causing you trouble.  I doubt it is your heart but it wouldn't be a bad idea just to have it looked into.  Good luck to you.

Has anyone else have any of these symptoms?  What did you find out it was that was causing your chest discomfort?