My son has been suffering for over 2 years with multiple symptoms such as spontaneous rapid heart rate, difficulty breathing (can't catch his breath or walk a flight of stairs), chest pains, tremors, headaches, diarhea, insomnia, cold spells, hot flashes and probably more. After numerous specialists covering every part of the body your can imagine, and any kind of test you can imagine he was finally told that it was probably a mild panic disorder and it was suggested that many of his problems were in his head. He did see an endrochronologist but she said his tests (thyroid) came back normal. His doctor finally put him on paxil and soon his symptoms began to decrease and finally he started to feel normal again. Well after about a year or so his symptoms have all returned in full force. He is in college now and so he went to the doctor on campus. After hearing all of his symptoms and doing some physical tests she said she was convinced he had hyperthyroidism. We are still awaiting results of his blood tests to confirm this. In the mean time she has prescribed Inderal. I'm just concerned because I don't know much about this drug and from what I've read it has some pretty undesirable side effects. Anyone think this will help him and are the so called common side effects really very common?