I have had problems with dizziness my whole life and have been told that it is from low blood pressure. lately i have been getting sick and VERY hot until i pass out, especially in the mornings (its like 70 degrees in my room and 10 degrees outside). My doctor told me it is from the low blood pressure but it seems like too much; and even when following what she said, i still had these miserable fainting spells.

I thought that my stomach problems were a separate thing, but now i'm not so sure because as these dizzy/nauseous fainting spells are getting worse so are my stomach pains. I get a lot of gas and feel very sick, to the point where i wish i could vomit but i just cant. i have bad pains under my left rib cage randomly and they last for hours. I am on prescription pain killers (for something else) and it is still distractingly painful.

I am sexually active but i am on birth control, and my boyfriend wears a condom during my would-be dangerous time. He never shoots inside without a condom and i just took a pregnancy test. so i'm doubting that pregnancy is the problem.

If any one can help with ANY kind of information that would be great, i'm worried that this could be something more serous. Even if it's not, i'm a full time college student with a massive load and this is really getting in the way.