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okay to start off im a 20 year old female, relatively healthy, always have been active. for about a year now i have been having major issues with my stomach/side. ive been tested multiple times for many things, but am now going back to see a specialist in about a month, but i really want input from other people. here is a list of things that i have been experiencing:

vomitting (not 100% but it looked like i puked a blood clot last week)
dark blood clot in my stool
sharp pains when i do need to use the restroom
on the right side under my rib cage i feel a ton of pressure like a ball is shoved under there
shakes dizziness & clammy which leads up to fainting
sharp pains all throughout my abdomen
i always feel fatigued with no energy and just want to sleep
constantly feel hungry when im not
i get so bloated looking that i look 4 months pregnant
havent gained any weight i stay between 130 & 135
nausea all the time


if there is anything else i can think of i will add on to the list, but i just am so fed up and want some answers and input from other people that may be experiencing this as well!


If you hadn't ejaculated then or recently before the it's not very likely but symptoms start around two weeks.