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I'm a 65-year-old woman who has been on Nexium for several years, following the time Prilosec went over-the-counter and my insurance quit paying for it. I had been on it for several years as well. My doctor calls my problem "stress ulcers" although he has never had me scoped for them. He has tested me for H Pylori which was negative.

After recent hip replacement surgery my blood was low and I was told Nexium may be the cause by neutralizing the stomach acid and preventing foods that would build blood from being digested properly. I'm trying to quit Nexium but the reflux and painful spells are becoming almost constant.

These spells can hit at any time, although I've only had one after going to sleep at night. They start with a dull ache in the back or stomach, then quickly the pain in my back and stomach grows so severe I can hardly stand it. My stomach bloats instantly and I feel pressure on my lungs, making it hard to breathe. If feels like the whole inside of my upper body is on fire. Sometimes I start vomiting, not from nausea but from pain. If I can vomit really big time, the spell ends immediately. But I may spit up a little for an hour or longer and get no relief till I do vomit for real.

My doctor did a blood test for gall bladder problems and found nothing, but I wonder if an x-ray might reveal something. I would really love to get off Nexium and all medications. Any suggestions, anybody?


i have the exact same problems, can't figure it out either