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Hello there fellow friends, I havent gone seen counselling or anyting because my family is against the whole mentally ill part because how it "used to be normal".. and not to mention.. its costly from where i live. But to start off.. when i was younger, i had a tendency to be anxious, continuously anxious... I've been bullied countless times from grade 1-8. And i recently found the same "situation" i had for those years because it was the same symptoms. If kindly search up "dermatophagia" (warning: if you a squeamish at the sight of biten off skin, i suggest you not look at photos)... is when someone has an impulse disorder of biting or chewing their skin off. I still had the situation continuing on until the end of my grade 11 year when i got braces (this prevented me from biting my fingers because the brackets were in the way). i just noticed after a while that i bite my fingers on tests, when im trying to do homework, after im being scolded at. My parents have also flicked my finger away from my face whenever im biting saying it was a bad habit and said my fingers looks ugly. Ive destroyed both my whole left and right index finger and thumb for those years. The only figers that stayed "normal" were my pinky up to my middle finger and i was already starting to eat away my middle fingers when i got my braces. As of right now they are fully healed thanks to my braces.. however... because of that i noticed something else... because i had nothing to bite... i would end up picking my acne... people would usually comment and that's when I'll stop and be embarrassed.... but the same feelings happen.. usually people can stop picking at their acne sometimes i can't stop.. it resulted in my face being broken as well because of acne scars and now im crying because of it... Im 19 now and my braces came off recently and we had exams on dec... i found myself biting again, but because of how my teeth are placed now i wasn't able to bite them.... (Insert from grade 10) and just about when i got my braces midway, my best friend noticed i was peeling away my fingers skin tearing them piece by piece (esp. When they are dry. You know those areas in between your nail and its stuck to you skin.. i stat from there and start peeling away with my hands. And told me to stop but the thing is... i honestly wasnt doing that on purpose.. and i did the observation by myself i just impulsely do it... it doesnt mean that i want to put harm on myself.. it just happens.. I went to the doctor once and he said that i might have generalized anxiety disorder... i dont even know from what... Just please help... i feel like i should be diagnosed with something... i did my own observations too.. these aren't habits... it just happen sometimes i don't even notice until someone else does for me.. you'll even be able to tell if its a habit.. I easily feel guilty, nervous, anxious. I have a tendency to also have mood swings throughout the day (this one i believe to be normal...) when im around people, i dont want to be there but most of the time i feel like i need to be there for some odd reason. I feel forced. And when i talk to most people, i act differently from how i am at home. And it gets tiring for me when i see people (other than family) more than the weekday offers and i immediately get cranky when im not given that "weekend" or when its holidays, and i see people (other than work (usually for me its 9am-12pm), close friends and family) i feel very crappy. Sometimes seeing close friends bother me too. If im at home and by myself i feel relaxed and i can do whatever i wang but when im with others i feel tense and to be careful how i act with others.. kind of acting but kind of not because sometimes it is enjoyable... just help... not sure if anyone is like this too.. i apologize for the long txt... Thanks everyone! Thanks as well if a doctor/neuro-specialized doctor or psychologist can answer my questions!


Hi Wendy, I would not want to disgnosis you as I am not a doctor, but I am a 28-year-old female that has been suffering with Social Anxiety since about age 14. I also have ADD and suffer with depression. Not sure which one triggers the others or if they all are tied together. Since I was a child, I have been a nervous "picker" or whatever you want to call it. I have heard it called nervous ticks before too. I pull my eyelashes and eyebrows, pick at my lips, and anything else that doesnt feel smooth on my skin. My advice to you is to not take the route that I did which was get on medication immediately at a young age. (I don't know how old you are), but instead try some therapy. Therapy has a stigma, but do not adopt that stigma. Therapy is talking through your thought process and concerns with someone who is trained to listen and give you feedback in a way that can help you recognize what's going on and different ways to think of it or control it. If you are given a diagnosis, a psychiatrist will suggest a medication. I suggest that you first try therapy and find out if there are underlying thoughts and issues that are triggering your nervousness that can be worked out by mental control. It sounds to me like you have Social Anxiety, but depending on how severe it is, you may want to try to work it out without medication. So to sum it up, I suggest going to therapy and being very cautious not to try medication as a first remedy. I really hope this helps even a little.