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Why do we get them ? They really hurts, and I get pus in the corner of my nail after I pull them out. I do bite my nails.

Please help.



Hey hey Dejolane,


You've answered your own question. Hang nails are broken, dead bits of nail still stuck in the skin after biting. Non-nail biters get them too, but less frequently and usually after they break a nail and peel off the top bit (leaving a hard bit in the skin).

I used to be nail biter and like yourself, I used to get a lot of hang nails, with little pockets of pus and the area around my nail and top of my fingers used to swell up and be tender to touch. 

There is a solution- stop biting your nails.

I stopped biting mine 18months ago and absolutely LOVE my nails now! Plus haven't had a hang nail since.