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As a child I bit my fingernails and toe nails. My parents caught me biting my toe nails on occasion and punished me and in high school I was once caught biting my toe nails by the wrestling coach in the boy's locker room. I stopped biting my toenails in my early 20s when I lost the flexibility to reach them.

I was academically gifted and developed into an educated professional and good family man but could never stop biting my nails. In my 20s I saw a professional who advised me I am normal but may be a life-long nail-biter. I tried hypnotherapy and took anti-anxiety medication but they did not curb the habit. I find that I bite my nails all the time and am not ashamed to do it.

What is wrong with me?


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I have bite my finger nails all my life. I pick my toe nails too.
I have tried lots of different stuff, but still do it.

Im a worrier an get upset easy.
I bite them more when iv got a lot on.
At the min they are bad an thats because, iv had a holiday to organise, 2 birthdays an xmas is very near.

I hate the way they look


I bit my nails and picked at my toes until about 3 years ago. I just made up my mind once and for all and stopped it. My fingernails were disgusting and they would bleed because i would bite them so far down. I picked my toe nails and sometimes would get a piece of nail into the side of my toes, making it hard to wear a shoe for a few days.
But there is nothing wrong with you, you have just got a real bad habit.
I quit biting, but now i pick at the cuticles making them so sore at times i can't even put them in dish water.
I feel for you guys, it's a terrible habit, but i just sat on my hands, played with paper clips or pencils, anything i could get into my hands like shredding paper, twirling my rings. Sometimes i walked around with a toothpick in my mouth, which looks bad if your a girl, chew gum, keep something in your mouth.