Ok, so the other few nights i could hear noises in my right ear... mostly when i lay down in bed, i got scared and researched it on my computer.
It turns out it is common and it may be due to either ear wax or heart problems.
The noises have stopped now, HOWEVER, for the past few days i have been finding it hard and struggling to breathe, my stomach has started to feel tight, and also i have very sharp pains in my heart, which mostly occur when i am lying down, so again, i researched this and it turns out they are symptons of heart problems and warning signs of heart attacks, not to mention i have all the other symptons;
light headidness, dizzyness, feeling hot and sweaty, short of breathe, chest pains.

Even though i am only 16 i can't understand why things keep happening that suggest there is something wrong with my heart? I have read that young teens get heart attacks as well as elder people, so why shouldn't i be worried, right?

Whenever i try to tell my mum and dad they just say im being silly and im perfectly healthy, and they say my light headidness, etc are just because im coming down with a bug.

I find it annoying that they don't worry about me as i have so many symptons.

It doesn't help that i havn't been eating properly for the last 2 weeks due to recently having braces and not being able to eat or just not having the appetite from how much my mouth hurts.

What do you think??