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Since my childhood I have onychophagia, which means – “biting nails” problem. Doctors say that onychophagia is common “nervous problem” among young people. According to statistics an absolute majority stop biting their nails by age 30. Unfortunately, I am 30 and I am not able to become member of that group. Still, I hardly can control my onychophagia, which spoils my impression at work and my concentration. I am obsessed with idea that somebody will notice my red fingers and start to suspect my possibilities to handle stress. That will be serious embarrassment.
Although, I have already tried many techniques to stop biting my nails, none of them were completely successful. I would be grateful If you could give me some advices how to deal with onychophagia?


I can understand how onychophagia makes you feel, because I have hair-twisting syndrome. Both of them are common stress-relieving habits. Sometimes people treat you like psychiatric case because of that and they might suspect in strength of your will. You often bite your nails unconsciously, don’t you? It is hard to control that habit, as much as you ought to stop smoking or drinking.
Still, there is a solution for that problem. Try to use nail polish all the time, because they have nasty taste. Change them often and make sure that your nails look attractive and beautiful. That’s how you will respect them more. I specially recommend those bitter-tasting polishes, like CONTROL-IT, which are available in pharmacies. One friend of mine stopped biting her nails wearing artificial nails, so do try that as well. Also, very important segment of your therapy should be relaxation- yoga, meditation, and jogging, sport…do whatever you prefer which can cause reducing your stress. If all these advices didn’t work, you will have one more opportunity- punish your self. You might snap a rubber band around you wrist every time you start to bite your nails, just to remind yourself that you are not allowed to do that. Good luck!