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sup fellas

something strange has happened to my penis, particularly my foreskin, recently. In the past, when flaccid, my foreskin would cover the head and when erect, the foreskin would automatically retract. I'm sexually active and have had my share of "dry" handjobs. Dry handjobs normally resulted in swollen foreskin that would subside in a day or two.
Recently I've noticed that my foreskin has become extremely stretchy; i'm now able to cover my head with my foreskin when erect. There also seems to be a lot more foreskin when flaccid. I've also noticed that my foreskin doesn't retract directly under the head, maybe .5 cm from the base of the head.

any clues?


Could this be too much of a good thing for you. A Urologist might need to answer this question for you, but I can't think of any ailment that would cause your skin to stretch except by stretching it yourself. If the condition is causing you cosmetic concern or other concerns you may have to reconsider your activity a bit. You should definitely see a doctor if you have other concerns. Please let me know if that's what you decided to do. I hope that things are working out for you.