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Hi, so i was wondering im 15 and I can pull back My foreskin When flaccid and with a little force I can pull IT back When erect.

So i pulled it back when I was erecting and I couldn't get it back up again, I didn't feel any discomfort, so when I became flaccid it was still behind the glans. I always wanted to retract my foreskin permanently but I don't know if the foreskin is stuck or if it's retracted and if I can keep it behind my glans forever? And I noticed that when I erected, skin behind the glans kinda bunched up and folded. But what should I do? 

1. Is my foreskin stuck and do I have phimosis now?

2. Is it retracted so that I can keep it like this forever? Cause that's something I would want to, cause it looks prettier.

3. If it's stuck do I need circumcision?

4. My glans is very sensitive and it hurts whenever it get in touch with something, when will the pain be gone?

Thanks for helping me :)


When the foreskin is stuck behind the head it is called paraphimosis. You need to get it forward and then stretch to make glide back and forth.