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I have been back and forth to my doctor complaining of extreme fatigue, & constant urination for the past 5-6 months, blood tests showed low hemoglobin and I was put on iron. She didnt know why my iron was so low as she did urine and FOB tests and I wasnt losing blood anywhere?? For the past week I have had abdominal and back pain. Was back at doctors today and she said that there is nothing showing in blood or urine tests to indicate an infection. ( I thought it was a kidney infection) She has referred me to hospital for further tests but I wont be seen for at least two weeks. Does anyone have any ideas? I am going out of my mind with worry now.

Thank you.


Hi there,

I have to say that all of this sounds to me like urinary tract infection. You have mentioned some symptoms that clearly describe urinary tract infections. Pain in abdomen and back is often a symptom of urinary tract infection .Frequent urination and fatigue is also symptoms of urinary tract infection. The interesting thing is that the test came negative. Sometimes the infection can be in the bladder not in the kidney. You have to know that there are several options that you can do, but most like to go with the drug therapy. I know some just change their nutrition and supplement intake and they get better just from that. Are you drinking enough liquids?

I hope that this helped