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To start from the beginning of my problem, I had an epidural about 6 yrs ago that went waaay wrong. The anesthesiologist stuck the needle into my spine and stabbed my sciatic nerve. To make things worse my body started shaking like I was being electrocuted further damaging the nerve. Anyway, I've been battling doctors to find out what kind of damage happened to me that day. No one will give me an MRI or anything. I went to physical therapy (that made it worse), I haven't been able to work with out falling into tears. lately it's gotten so bad that I've been having VERY painful muscle spasms that have become more frequent over the last 2 weeks. It started just in my back now it's in my neck, legs, stomach and feet as well. Now it's disrupting my sleep. Whenever I lay down, my legs twitch like crazy and I've had about 5 hours of sleep in the last 3 days. Does anyone know if I may have MS? PLEASE HELP ME! I just need an answer :*(


I'm only 18 but I was diagnosed with M.E/CFS - Similar to M.S - I would reccommend keep going back to your doctor and demand blood tests and other tests.

Painful muscle spasms is a symptom of M.S but also M.E


Also if I could give any advice to reduce symptoms it would be to sort your diet out, quit wheat, sugar and fatty foods.

I see no one else has replied to you so I thought I would. I hope this has helped some how.