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I am interested in hearing as many opinions as possible about natural cures for multiple sclerosis. Most importantly, I would appreciate hearing what methods are out there and if they have any effects. I would also like to hear from any multiple sclerosis who manage their condition using exclusively natural methods.


I have serious doubts that anybody with multiple sclerosis uses natural methods as a primary means of disease management. And as you perhaps know, there is no cure for multiple sclerosis. But, when you are asking about natural methods, more and more people have turned to cannabis for the management of some of the symptoms that multiple sclerosis can induce, such as spasms and pain.


I have had MS for 3 years now, and I refused the toxic treatment that the drug pushing consultant was offering. Out of pure experience via living with the thing 24/7, and focusing on healing I have managed to halt the progression even though I was given a damning prognosis. Which I won’t go into, but for a while did look probable.
Basically from what I have noticed, it all boils down to food intolerances and severe mineral deficiencies. FYI a virus triggered off my onset of MS
My almost natural ms regime:
• Do food fast and take paracetamol when a relapse does appear – food fast due to pneumonia link to MS, noticed eating lunch brings on the fatigue, so I stick to bland foods and fruit and fruit on an everyday basis and eat a full meal in the evening with no consequences
• Chlorella – repairs damage quickly and gets rid of dizziness
• Ginko + Ginseng – for neuropathic pain in my face
• Zinc - destroys viruses by 99.9%
• Magnesium – gets rid of headaches, RLS and muscle spasms – dilates veins
• Boron – makes estrogens in body (haven’t tried yet, will do if I get worse)
• Vit D3 – gets rid of fatigue, RLS completely and that time of the month relapses, I only take 400ui a day because any more makes me irritable
• 1,000mg of vit B12 = maintains myelin, don’t take as it gives me hives which I know is the lesser of 2 evils, but hay, if worse comes to worse will opt to take some

• Black pepper for pain of flu
• Hot drinks to flush out toxins and warm up when feeling really cold e.g. hot chocolate - cold drinks if due to heat
• Fresh air – gets rid of heat headache and dizziness

Foods to Avoid
• Grains, milk
• Grains elevated the heat and cold sensitivity in me, which caused most of my symptoms

I do a cat and camel stretch to completely eliminate any tingling on my hands and feet when I wake up in the morning.
Note: if you do decide to use this regime, please do your own research on them and use the vitamin/mineral doses that suit you.

best of luck :-D


Lots of people have lots of opinions.  But if you look at the studies, here's what the evidence supports.  1.  follow a low saturated fat diet (google swank diet).  I've been doing this for 3 years.  2.  take high doses of vitamin d, I'm talking 10,000 IU per day.  The studies show this cuts relapses in half.  Lower amounts do not work.  Take inosine to raise uric acid.  (Google uric acid and m.s.  People have low uric acid during relapse, people with high uric acid do not get ms, and people with higher uric acid and m.s. will be in remission).  You can also take b12 to help maintain myelin.  I take calcium and magnesium because a small study showed some benefit.  I avoid all dairy (google dairy and m.s, they are strongly linked).  The evidence shows a weak benefit for fish oil, so throw that in.  Get exercise, sunshine, avoid excess sugar, which causes inflammation.  You can read Dr Jelenek's book, it's excellent.  He's not some quack spouting off.  He is an MD who has MS and practices what he preaches.  Also google John McDougall and MS, there are some great video lectures where he explains the benefit of diet.  There are thousands of people who do not rely on the pharma drugs.