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As a male I do not like to perform oral sex on a female. I have tried this with several different women and have found it discusting every time. It is not that I am fineky or anything. I have actually got to the point of vomiting, after trying this. The thought of it turns me on, but I can not stand the act itself. Are there other males that feel the same way? Am I abnormal. I have tried to mask the smell/taste with flavorings - this only seems to make it worse. I have heard that a person gets used to it. No matter how many times I have tried, I cannot. Nothing much worse than gaging or vomiting during sex.


Im a girl, and my bf looooves do give me oral sex, sometimes i dont even want it but he insists, but i dont like giving oral sex to guys, it depends on the person i think, so if you really dont like it that much then maybe you should just stop trying, i understand, i HATE gagging when i try giving a bj, so i just dont anymore


Hi Man,

I also had the same problem when i was younger, i did not vomite but i simply did not like it, mainly taste and smell also.

However, as strange as this idea sounds, honestly try it if you really want to perform oral sex on lady(s).

This is also a general oral sex tip for men, and will drive many woman up the wall.

Whatever country you live in, you should have some kind of VERY hot mint.. for instance (Lockets, trebor xxx) there are many more.

Try to suck on one for a while, keep it in your mouth and perform oral sex, this helps in two ways.

1. It gets rid of Taste and Smell, also don't worry if it fall's out of your mouth and into the Vagina, simple take it back out.

2. A woman may have to confirm this (if this has been tried on her) but woman can find a sudden raise in heat very appealing. When you are performing oral sex this way it will heath up the vagina and will also (to a point) lubricate it, with saliva.

Every woman i have tried this on has successfully climaxed and have absolutly loved the experiance.

Hope this help's friend, take care.

Oral sex is a learning curve for both party's involved, 90% of woman i know have almost given up on blowjobs due to Gagging, and 90% of the time it is the man's fault (pushing your head) or trying something of the kind.

This is dis-respectful and as such you shouldn't tolerate it, however all said in done a favor should be returned.

If you find it hard to perform oral sex, try to practice on Bannana's etc.. as stupid as it may sound it can work.

Also when attempting to deepthrouth of anything of the type, i personelly recommend taking it VERY slowly, that way you can find the depth of your throath without gagging.

But ensure that the other party knows that you do not appreciate him forcing deepthroat or blowjobs on you


I have read this backover and would just like to say, i know the male oral sex parts because my girlfriend found it hard to perform oral sex, but now she actually finds it quite rewarding (due to my reactions)




Why does tounge kissing and giving a blowjob taste like metal ??


hey that might just be you or ur partner not brushing your teeth. ive tounge kissed and it usually just tastes like nothing. you only feel stuff


try oral sex on your GF right after she gets out of the shower when she is clean and perhaps has used a nice smelling shower gel. Also, nice smelling baby wipes or similar wipes may help you -- use them to clean her area up a bit while also stimulating her with your hand & fingers.