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It is stated that my mother aged 62 is having Liver cancer problem and she is also having Severe Yellow Hepatitis and which has made us very upset.If we operate her liver then doctors says that we can't operate her liver and remove her cancer due to Severe Yellow Hepatitis. And another reason is there also which is Operation under G.A which is not possible due to her poor health. Kindly Sir tell me the Solution.Her condition is She talk with heavy head with Yellow eyes and her both legs below knees are having swelling and are Yellowish.Positive things are her suger is normal,heart,kidneys,lung and all other parts are normal. Her condition is getting worst day by day and we can't see her like this and I am in tears when I am writing you this email and I am impatiently waiting for your reply.


Hi Guest,

You can always try a second (even a third) opinion.

Basically they are concerned about the numerous health problems.  If they are reluctant to use a general anesthetic then they are concerned enough that she may not survive the surgery.

Are you thinking liver transplant?  The hepatitis is most likely the issue with that.  A new liver would become infected as well.

Talk to the doctor.  Make an appointment to do it, don't just catch them in the hospital or office.  You need to sit down and discuss this with the doctor.  Your mother should be present.  Since it pertains to her health the doctor has no obligation to tell you anything about her condition.

Good luck.