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With the change of weather, do you think insulin needs increase?  I think the cold weather is making my blood sugar increase.  Ever since it has been cold, I have been having higher blood sugars so maybe I need more insulin to combat this?  Has anyone else ever have this problem. and how much did you increase your insulin to to help get your blood sugar back under control? 


It is interesting that your insulin needs would need to increase with the cold weather.  I usually go for the comfort foods, soups, baked goods, and other foods that I associate with being indoors and staying warm.  Maybe you are eating more refined carbs and this is making your blood sugar go up more?  Otherwise, if you are cold all the time, I would think that your body’s metabolism would speed up to try to keep you warm, and you would be burning more glucose.  I am not sure what it could be in your situation other than a change in dietary habits.  Also, people tend to not be as active when they are cold or chilled.  You just want to stay bundled in covers and not do much else.  This could be another thing:  you are just not moving around as much as if you would be when the weather is nice.  You should try to get a membership at the local community Y or other workout facility so that you can have something to do.  In the summer, you are more apt to garden and do other outdoor activities.  In the winter, unless you ski every day, or you are shoveling a lot of snow, there are not as many opportunities to be active.  It is icy and you just want to stay indoors as much as possible.  Get active by weightlifting or doing other types of activities and this will help your blood sugars go back down.