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I have been to the doctor today and he seems to think that I need more insuliin to help get my blood sugars at a better level.  Is using a lot of insulin bad for you though?  I am worried about taking too much.  It doesn't seem too healthy to keep having to take more insulin shots.  Anybody out there have problems with taking too much insulin?


Hello, guest!  So you are worried about getting to much insulin or the fact that you need more to control your blood sugars.  I understand how this can be concerning to you.  Anyone who has to increase their medications or take more types of medications isn't too happy about it.  They worry what taking more medication will do to their bodies and if it will do more harm than good.  Or maybe increase side effects.  Fortunately, insulin is a hormone that is made naturally by our bodies.  Pharmaceutical labs produce it synthetically so they don't need to take it from animals like pigs as they did in the past (in the US).  So if you need more insulin to normalize your blood sugars, you will be fine.  You just have to be aware of symptoms of hypoglycemia.  Because insulin helps bring down blood glucose levels, there is a risk of them going TOO low at times.  You have to ensure that you eat a scheduled times and also take your insulin shots at the scheduled time as well.  This will help your blood glucose remain stable. Any deviation from the schedule can negatively affect your blood glucose level and causes problems. 

Does anyone have an experience they would like to share of when you needed to increase your insulin?  Did you ever have an issue with a drop in your blood sugars?