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I am not a diabetic but I am curious about what a healthy fasting insulin level should be for me?  Does it depend on what body type you are or how active you are?  What influences the blood sugar in somebody's body and how do you control them?  My dad and mom are diabetic so I am worried that someday I will be.  The knowing of how to keep my sugars in check would help me prevent diabetes, I hope!  

Are there any health professionals that know about this thing about blood sugars and how to control them and what a healthy fasting insulin level is for a non diabetic?


A healthy fasting insulin level is anything around 80-99 mg/dl for everyone.  It does not matter if you have a different body type or activity level, you will have the same levels required as any other person. You can prevent having diabetes by eating healthy by eating mostly complex carbohydrates and lean cuts of meat.  You can also help stave off diabetes by having daily exercise of about 30 minutes a day keep your weight down.  Obesity is one of the primary things that contribute to insulin insensitivity so keeping yourself trim and fit helps tremendously.  Stay away from refined carbohydrates or limit them to no more than 10% of your daily intake.  Refined carbs are known to raise blood sugars rapidly.  Complex carbs, on the other hand, slowly release into the bloodstream so that insulin isn’t dumped into circulation.  That is why complex carbs are the better choice.  These include fruits and non-starchy vegetables.  You can eat these foods because they are full of fiber and fiber slows the release of glucose contained in them.  You are wise to start now to watch your diet and your health.  It is easier to do now than to wait to have the diagnosis of diabetes.