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So how much does fast acting insulin bring sugars down?  I have been on regular insulin for many years and never knew there was a fast acting insulin available.  It would be interesting to see how much it would bring down my blood sugars during meal times.  It seems like I am having higher blood sugars before my meals and even though I have taken my regular insulin, it seems to help but not enough, you know?  Like I had a blood sugar of 174 today and I took my regular insulin before I ate my lunch. Then afterwards I took it again and it was 168. I am wondering if I had this fast acting insulin, maybe my blood sugars will come down to closer to 120.  I have a fear of losing my toes and eyesight having this diabetes thing.  It is really scary to me.  If I can keep my sugars down, I can avoid anything like kidney failure.  It makes me faint to think about being hooked up to dialysis. 


Each insulin has a different onset of action.  For instance, fast acting insulin has an onset of 15 minutes, regular insulin has the onset of 30 minutes, and so forth.  It will depend on the dosage as to how much it brings blood sugars down.  The onset would be the biggest factor in how quickly the blood sugars come down rather than how much the come down.  If your blood sugars are not coming down any, your doctor may have to adjust your dosage of insulin or perhaps try different ones to overlap and attain the optimal blood sugar levels for you.  It will be trial and error but you will be able to get your sugars under control if you let your doctor know about your issue.