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How does everyone else do their insulin and meal times and stuff?  Is it hard to do?  How does it work exactly? I have been told that I need to go on insulin after my oral meds stop working so i am wondering about the exact way that it is done.  Do you take insulin at each meal regardless of the blood sugar results?  How do you know when you should and shouldn't take it? Will I need to change what I eat and what time I eat meals?  Will I get to have snacks during the day?  What side effects does insulin have?

I know my doctor should cover this but sometimes when he talks, i cannot really understand him because of his accent.  I feel bad to have him repeat himself all the time.  If someone can explain of the the information on here, it would be great! 


It will largely depend on what your doctor recommends.  He or she will look at your current blood sugar levels and how they rise and fall during the day.  He will assess the numbers and the different fluctuations to determine the exact dosage that should help bring your blood sugars down for each meal.  So if your lunch meals seem to bring on a higher blood sugar reading, you will be scheduled for an insulin dose for each lunch.  He may have you on sliding scale insulin, where it goes by what your meter reads before the meal.  If your blood sugar is at 198 mg/dl, the doctor may prescribe 2 units of insulin to be taken at that time.  Insulin could be prescribed at each meal or maybe just one meal.  You will still be able to have snacks during the day.  Insulin has no side effects other than bringing on hypoglycemic if there isn’t enough glucose in your blood or you took too much.