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So I am thinking that I will need to be on an insulin pump at some point.  Would anyone know about living with an insulin pump.  I would like to know what life is like on one.  Is it difficult to tote around all the time and is it noticable when you wear it?  Do people ask about it a lot and do you feel like you have to explain it to them?  I would like it to be as discreet as possible so I don't feel like I am different from every one else.  Do you have to wear certain clothes to cover the pump up?  Does it know when my blood sugar drops?


There are many people that use insulin pumps and do not have any problems with it at all.  They are actually very small so that you can wear them with ease.  I would think you should be able to wear anything you wish with it as it can be worn underneath your clothing.  No one should be able to see that you are on insulin therapy.  If you need to bathe or swim, you will be able to remove the pump to do so. 

 The insulin pump will be adjusted to meet the demands of your body for insulin.  It will not sense that you need the insulin as you will be put on a schedule for what the doctor determines what you need. This will be set unless you find you are having low blood sugars and need to have the insulin doses adjusted.  You will still need to be aware of your blood sugars and if you are feeling hypoglycemic.  You will check your blood sugars as usual to monitor and track the findings occasionally so that you are aware of your blood glucose trends.