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Hi everyone,

My father wants to start following Medifast. He is 67 years old, and he is really, really fat :/  He has really a lot of tummy and he is unhappy because of this. He can’t walk without getting tired, he can walk for 15 minutes and he is tired after that.

Some of his friends told him that he should start use something to get rid of his unwanted pounds.  I need something that is healthy to recommend him. Someone told me that Medifast can be good for it.

Can you help me?

Does Medifast really work for a weight loss?



Hi there,

So you are burning so many calories and you don’t have to exercise a lot. That is according to my neighbor Lila experience. Actually, you can lose a lot of pounds and according to this, Medifast really can work. She is on the program for the first time in her life, and she loves it. She loves all the products from this diet plan, and she told me that you can mix a lot of shakes.

So, if he is really that fat, this program can help him. It is never too late for this.

Wish him good luck! 



Hey there,

I want to say something to you. I was talking with my friend yesterday, while we were at coffee shop. We started to talk about some diet programs, because she is following some high protein diet program, and she mentioned Medifast. She told me that she have heard some stories about hair loss while you are on this program. She told me that she wanted to start this program a while ago, but she was so scared when she has heard about this. I don’t know if this is true, but I wanted to say this for you, just for the record.