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does sugar and dietary products increase mucus production?


Mucus is lubricating secretion that protects your digestive, respiratory, urinary and reproductive tract. It also helps to protect your body from unwanted bacteria and keeps the body from drying out. If you experience increased mucus production you are probably catching a cold or you are having some type of allergic reaction. There is no food that actually produces mucus but there are few food types which can increase its production. Dairy products, peanuts, some types of fruits and vegetables like bananas, potatoes, corn and cabbage can somewhat increase mucus production. Added sugars and sugar also may increase mucus production so  this is answer to your question. And beverages rich in sugar are energy drinks which are included in dietary products. But it would be best to check with your doctor if you have symptom of increased mucus production because it can be either food intolerance or allergy. I hope that this was helpful.