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I have 2 children who have adh and I have to limit or complete cut out sugar, dyes,coloring and artifical flavors from their diets. But a lot of products that say they are sugar free contain sugar alchol. What effect will this have on the children? Plus some of these products also have dyes, artifical flavors, etc., what are the alternatives to give to these children?


Western diet usually lacks Omega-3 fatty acids and deficiency in Omega 3 usually leads to behavioral and learning problems in children. The problems may be bigger in males as they have bigger demands for these fatty acids.

The problem is that foods that contain Omega 3 are not something children will gladly eat. These include salmon, mackerel and sardines.
Make sure you include flax seed and flax oil into their nutrition. These are important sources of Omega 3.

Flax oil may be easy to add into nutrition. You could for example add a tablespoon of flax oil in flavored yogurt, or in honey to be given instead of granulated sugar, or 1 to 2 spoons into tuna salad.

It takes at least 10 weeks of omega 3 supplementation to raise fatty acid levels in brain cells. You need to be patient and persistent.

Here are some of the breakfast proposals: Whole wheat toast with peanut butter, Bacon and eggs with toast and milk, Yogurt mixed with a tablespoon of flax oil, Scrambled eggs, toast and fruit, Protein shakes, etc
You may try to locate a nutritionist who may help you find proper nutritients for your children, so that you could balance their meals.

Are your children on some sorts of medication? When were they diagnosed with ADHA?

Don’t use any of those sugar or sugar free product. Forget about them, the more fresh and natural the better. It will be hard for you to get used to that kind of food regime but you could switch too and you will certainly feel and look much better as well as the rest of your family.


thank you very much for the reply to my problem, if you have any more information it would be greatly appreciated.


Hi! It’s me again! I ran into some more info for ADHD patients, and I thought that you may use it. I think it would be beneficial for your whole family, not just your kids, so here are some of the hints:

1. You need to get rid of milk and milk products. This means no cow milk, instead you can use almond or rice milk if you manage to get a hold of them.
As for the fluids, water would be the best, plain water. Avoid all sorts of sodas, colas, fruit juices as they are full of sugar.
2. Get rid of junk food in your nutrition, cut sugar where possible and don’t even buy those sugar-free things, and avoid all sweeteners!
3. As for the chocolate, make sure you don’t have more than a piece a week.
4. Don’t fry and avoid processed meats and yellow foods like corn. You cam have bananas, as they are white.
5. Make sure you serve high protein breakfast and low carbohydrate. Get rid of the cereals, and as mentioned MILK.
6. You could try mineral supplements. Ask for them in the pharmacy not somewhere else.
7. I have already spoken of flax seed oil, and heaps of fruits and raw vegetables.

I heard that there is a book called “Betty Crocker Cook Book” with many healthy recipes.

It could be helpful to get a hold of it. I think it is very old, try the library or something.

What kind of treatment have your children been prescribed? Is it only ADD or ADHD?