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So I keep hearing from my doctor that I need to quit drinking.  It is getting annoying and I am about ready to quit going to see him.  I think that just because I am diabetic, it doesn't matter if I drink.  I save my carbs for drinking so I don't go over my carbohydrate allowment.  I think he just wants me to quit drinking and uses my diabetes for an excuse.  So does anyone have any input about it?  I need information so I can use it next time for my appointment and show it to him. 


Hello, Guest! I would advise that you don't replace your food with the alcohol.  There are some alcoholic beverages that are lower in carbs than other.  Still, as a general rule, if you are a diabetic that uses insulin, two alcoholic beverages are allowed in addition to you regular meal plan.  Replace your fat choices and possibly your extra starch choices with the alcohol to stay compliant to your diabetic diet.  There are some alcoholic beverages that are worse offenders as far as carbohydrates go.  Sweet wines, wine coolers, and sweet vermouth has high amounts of sugar.  You will have to watch these as they will mess up your blood sugars.  Be careful not to mix alcohol with medications; some medications will increase in effect when mixed with alcohol and cause you many problems.  Carry medical identification with you since intoxication and low blood sugars have very similar side effects.  You don't want people to mistaken you for drunk when you have a life-threatening situation of hypoglycemia.  A good thing to do when you are out drinking is to eat something with the alcohol. Food will help so that you don't experience hypoglycemia and also absorb some of the alcoholic beverage so that you don't get intoxicated as much.  

Does anyone else have anything to add?  Are you a diabetic that drinks regularly?