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i've had a middle ear infection now for about 3 weeks. on my second course of antibiotics.
i guess i'm just really paranoid, about what symptoms would actually be related to the ear infection, and if there's not something else wrong with me too.
the symptom's i have so far:
earache [obviously]
pressure in my ears.
pressure in my sinuses.

and the ones that are worrying me.
everynow and then i feel like there is a tightness in my throat.
kinda like a lump that i cant swallow.
it comes and goes.

i know people normally can get sore throats from an ear infection, but this really isnt a sore throat. and its just bothering me.




I know that usually kids tend to develop ear infection. However adults can develop middle ear infection as well. The infection can be viral or bacterial. Everything that you have described is a symptom of ear infection. So in my opinion you should find the best possible treatment for this condition. Do you have any fluid in the middle ear that might be causing pressure on your eardrum? I think that best option for the recovery from this infection would be to use antibiotics. And if the pain is too severe you should also take some over the counter pain killers as well. I hope this helped you a bit. Take care of your ear.