Following multiple surgeries, the pain team at the hospital decided that the best pain meds for me to go home on were methadone (10mg t.i.d.) and gabapentin (300mg t.i.d.).  I was on this combination for the last 3 days in the hospital and the first 15 days at home.  It did a decent job of managing my pain.

When I went for my first outpatient follow-up, the doctor had never prescribed methadone before, so he couldn't continue me on this regimen.  He left the gabapentin (aka neurontin) alone but switched me to oxycontin (15mg b.i.d.).  He told me it was basically the same medicine as the methadone.

I have concerns with the oxycontin:

1.  It's Very expensive - a 15 day supply of methadone was $19, a 15 day supply of oxycontin was $134.

2.  Everyone is telling me how addictive it is; I am worried I won't be able to get off it.

3.  With the methadone I felt like the medicine was delivered evenly over the time - I never felt high, but I felt like my pain was managed well until the next dose.  Now with the oxycontin - I feel uncomfortably high and get a bad headache for the first few hours, and then the last 6-8 hours I am in pain where they operated.  The doctor had told me the oxycontin was supposed to be extended release - but the bottle doesn't say extended release anywhere - is this normal behavior for oxycontin  ER or did the pharmacy maybe not give me the extended release version?