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Iam a 61yr old male non smoker and have had amd for a little over a year. Is ther any treatment or drugs that show promise for this disease? Also is there a time frame for how long it might take for this disease to severally impare ones vision. Robert McCoy


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Hello there Robert! I’ve just read your post and realized you haven’t stated what stage of dry AMD you’re in because it matters.

Ar you already probably know there is little one can do if they suffer from dry forms of AMD. Dry AMD has a tendency of becoming WET, which is the most severe form of AMD and leads to certain vision loss.

Dry AMD has been divided into three stages. These are: Early stage in which patients have small drusen or a couple of medium-sized drusen. If you belong into this group, you probably have no symptoms yet. ( Drusen are yellow deposits under the retina, which are found in people over 60). Intermediate, where there are medium-sized drusen or one or more large drusen. You may develop a blurred spot in the center of their vision and need more light for reading. Advanced, in which you develop blurred spot in the center of your vision that gets bigger and darker. You have problems reading and recognizing people.

If only one of your eyes is affected, you may not experience any difficulties in your overall vision. Also, if you have dry amd in both eyes, the vision of your one eye may stay unaffected while the in the other one impairs.

Can you place yourself in any of these groups? Which of the symptoms are you experiencing?

Have you been given AREDS formulation?

Although, there is no cure nor treatment for dry AMD, there are some trial that are testing for the potential treatment.