I suppose I'm just looking for reassurance really, I'm 24 but have been experiencing on and off dry flaking skin on my right nipple for about 6 months now. The skin often peels on in large pieces and sometimes just seems to be flaky all over. It has been gradually getting bigger and now covers my whole nipple and half of the areola.

I have been to the doctors several times and have been referred fungal cream and moisturizers. These have done nothing for me so I went back and was given a more intense moisturizer. I applied it last night and went to sleep, when I woke up the skin felt not as dry but was more flaky. I washed off the cream and since it has felt like a strong stinging and burning sensation every so often throughout the day. The skin has now become dry again and is still peeling. I'm just not sure where to go from here as the doctors haven't done much other than dismiss it as dry skin when I just have a feeling that it is unusual to have something this persistent, any advice would be greatly appreciated as I tend to worry not knowing what it is. I have googled my symptoms (regrettably) but am too young for pagets and am not breastfeeding as I do not have a child so I'm just feeling very confused :(