A couple of months ago I got rash about midway up my arm. Started out just kind of pimply and now has become a dry patch about the size of a golf ball. It sounds gross but it's really dry and looks like pimples underneath the skin and swells up in those areas and can see a white substance under there. I don't mess with them I just let them go away on their own. It's not itchy or anything. This same rash is starting to spread to each side of my waist. The only symptoms besides the spreading is just dry red skin and the pimple looking things and that's it. My wife got laid off so i don't have the money to go to see a dermatologist right now unfortunately. I try putting lotion on it but no matter how often I lotion it it doesn't show any signs of clearing up any and have tried a couple of over the counter medicines for dry skin. Any suggestions on what this might be or what I can do about it? thank you