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Hi. Ive had a dull ache in my left testicle . It feels like it originates from the bottom of the testicle. I first noticed it a few years ago and my doc sent me for an ultrasound. Nothing was picked up on the ultrasound. Lately it feels as though the pain is getting worse and i can feel some sort of lump under the teste. It feels like a hard vein not actually on the teste. Can you have a varicocele under the testicle? Any feedback would be appreciated.


I am having the same issue. The pain seems to come and go and it originates from under the left testicle. I went to the Dr. and he perscribed the antibiotic Cipro that i just finished taking on Saturday. The pain seemed like it was improving however now it has come back. My next step is to find a eurologist as it is becoming more annoying. The pain started around Thanksgiving. I belive it was because of a hit in the groin. I do not feel any lumps nor did the Doctor. The veins seem to be a little larger on the left side.

I see that you posted this a few months back, have you found a resolution? Thanks.