Hello everyone! I am a 20 y/o male that for the past 5-6 months been expierencing pain and discomfort in the left testicle. I have done many self-examinations and it feels like a type of tube (maybe swelling) that comes from the bottom of the testicle going up through the back of the testicle. There seems to be 4-5 other tube like bumps that are smaller but are many on the back side of the testicle. The even more weird thing is I went to the doctors a couple months before this pain even started and found I have very! low testostrone... my levels were 119 ng/dl (range 300ng/dl - 1200 ng/dl) for total testostrone and low in free testostrone also. I don't know if the bumps on my left testicle could be causing the low testostrone? I also had slightly high ferritin levels with low SHBG and low vitamin D. 

Anyways I did get an ultrasound done and guess what? it came back normal! except for a little bit of liquid found adjacent to the right testicle. The other thing I want to note is that the swelling/lumps go away after 3-5 minutes laying down and they go away even quicker if I raise my pelvis when laying down. I did thought it was vericose viens (Varicocele), but the bumps are sort-of in the wrong place? I know my father has them... but it still doesn't add up that much. I also have a feeling I am sitting on something at times, a pressure inbetween my butt and testicles? it started to feel that way after 2 days of testicle pain. I know this is long and thank you for reading it! I will be seeing an urologist tomorrow, figure I would ask on these forums for advice!