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Hi, about two weeks ago I had a dull pain in my knee and I noticed it happened the day after a long walk, then about two days later my left testicle started to have a very dull pain. It's not bad where it stops me from going about my daily life, and I only feel it when I either sit or lay down. It is on and off, and I recently started stretching my inner thigh and pelvic area and recently it has been happening to both testicles. I'm not sure if the testicle pain is actually in pain because when I touch them I don't feel anything or it may be something muscle related because I had the knee issue first. I do feel either the epididymus or vas deferens I'm not sure which it is, but it's right above both testicles, the left one feels thicker than the right, and my left testicle is higher than the right although I'm not sure if it was always like that because only now I notice it. I do not have insurance and before I go see a urologist I would like to have a general idea what I am dealing with. Thank you. 


Well I forked up some cash today to go see a urologist cause this self diagnosis would have scared me into a heart attack. He checked every concern I had including the swollen vein type thing on the left and said everything is normal. It's most likely a sprain or strain since it started after my knee pains. He recommended me to take ibuprofen every day for a while and call back Monday for the urine test results if it is epididymis which he doubts. He also said I could have an ultra sound done in February because that's when there ultrasound lady comes in and it'll be cheaper for me since I have no insurance although he doesn't see a reason for it, and if he did he would have ordered for one immediately. The ultra sound would be for my peace of mind if I still have the dull ache decide I want it. I'm annoyed by the nerves and muscles in the body, so much can be felt from such a small issue. My girlfriend is in school to be a PT and she said it's very normal for these things to last weeks to months so I guess I was impatient but I'm glad to hear everything is normal for me and it's not something like vericolle or torsion.