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Hello, I am here because I recently found a lump?(When I say lump I mean kinda a thing that is shaped like my sack just small, like a little smaller then a marble.)
On top of my testicle.
I've had an undescended testicle sense birth so I don't know what one, but I am very worried.

At first it was just the lump, it is a soft squishy sack shaped lump, but then after a couple days my testicle ached, just a small dull ache.

yesterday my testicle ached and I had a ache in my lower left back and abdomen in the same spot.

Today my lower left abdomen has the same dull ache, my testicle does not hurt, but the lump seems to be ever so slightly smaller, but still hurts only when I squeeze it(When I squeeze it it feels just like squeezing the testicle it self.)

That ache in my lower left abdomen almost feels like gas but down much farther like beside the bladder.

I am only 17, I'm embarrassed to talk to parents and I am silently worried.


I am still hurting, I think the lump has grown slightly.

The pain and discomfort near the bladder is almost as bad as worrying about the lump it's self.

The lump appears to be on top of the testicle, but I think it hangs down over the side a little.

It is like a sack loosely attached to the testicle, it is not a bump that is firmly attached.

If I can get a possible diagnosis it would be much less embarrassing telling my parents that I think I have this instead of explaining it all in detail to them.

Any thoughts on what I have would be great!, thanks!


ok you need to see your doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the same exact thing and it was testicular cancer. God speed bro