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Hi there,

I am 33 years old. Approximately 2 months ago I noticed a pea shaped object on the inside and top of my right testicle.

The following day it brought a heavy and dull aching sensation to my right testicle.

This continued and I was tested for chlamidia and gonorrhea as precaution which showed as negative.

This has progressed to bad pain which makes my right testicle throb and sometimes radiaites to my left testicle.

I could cope with that really but I also get deep throbbing and shooting pains in my lower abdomen which runs around to my lower back and travels underneath my testicles to the perineal are which throbs deeply which really gets to me. This is sometimes accompanied by a feeling of pressure at the base of my penis with slight shooting pains running down it.

I have had blood tests and urine tests done which also shown negative. The ultrasound scan that I had done did show a 1.5cm cyst on right epidydimis and variocele on right teste also.

My GP's have said all along that these cysts cannot cause any pain to which I was dismayed about because something was causing this pain which seems to be travelling around my mid pelvic region. Over the period I was prescribed four different types of anit-biotics which did nothing to ease it.

I had to visit my works Occupation Health doctor 4 weeks ago and after discussion he said that these cysts can cause this kind of pains that I am experiencing because of possible nerve connection that can be interferred with. He seemed to be very well up on this subject and said that a lot of GP's are not up to speed with it.

Anyway on my recent visit to the GP they finally put me on for a urologist visit which will probably take a while.

I really am fed up with what is near enough day to day pain from this. It is stopping me going to sleep at night and when I do it regularly wakes me up in the middle of the night.

My question is that can a cyst on the epidydimis cause these type of pains and if so will it disappear in time or will something have to be done about it or could it be the variocele that could do this.

Sorry for whittering on like this but I really am fed up with it now.



Yes, the pain could be from either source.

As you have seen a doctor and had an ultrasound, you're on the right track. But you can't just accept what they say if you're not feeling better.

Good thing you kept pursuing it.

I have just had a diagnois of a cyst under the epidimous on the right testicle. The UG specialist doesn't seem concerned about it. The left testicle has a varicoseal and he's not concerned with that. Unless the Varicoseal is troubling you, or there are fertility issues, don't worry about that.

In the meantime, keep after the doctor, now that you know more about nerve damage. There is such a thing as referred pain. I am more suspicous about that right testicle with the cyst. Keep up the self checks.


Johnny55, I'm 23 years old and have been experiencing a similar sort of pain. About a year ago I noticed a tiny, hard, painless round bump on the top of my right testicle and a couple of sensitive lumps on the epydidmis. i wasnt very worried about the lumps, but i still went to the doctor and got an ultrasound, which they said was absolutely fine. when i asked about the tiny round bump (the thing i was really scared about), the ultrasound tech told me that it was too small to worry about and that most likely it was just a scar from an old infection that i had gotten over myself (i've never heard anything like that before????).

Anyways, about a month ago the painful lumps on the epydidimis began to get more and more sensitive and painful. Also I THINK that the little bump got a little bit bigger, and while it's not "pea-sized", its very close. Now it's gotten to the point that the pain keeps me up at night and I can't sleep anymore. DUring the daytime, there is a CONSTANT dull ache in the right testicle, and at night sometimes I have shooting pains and really really painful throbbing. It's as if the testicle is cramping (I don't think that's possible, but that's what it feels like, and it hurts like hell). I don't have any of the lower back or stomach pains that everyone else seems to mention.

The last thing, I'm scared that the doctors I've been to don't seem to notice the little round lump ON the testicle itself. The epydidimal lumps are much bigger and obvious, and one of them is located almost right above the little round lump on the testicle. you almost have to push it to the side a little bit in order to feel the round lump below.

Somebody please help...I've been to a couple doctors and they act like nothing is wrong. I'm only 23, I'm terrified of losing the testicle altogether, and even worse, nobody can tell me what is actually going on here!

Any advice would help! Johnny55, what happened with your case, are you better now, did you find proper treatment?


I had the same thing. A small sized lump on the back of my left testicle. Started off around the size of a grain of sand, now about the size of a grain of rice.

Went to first GP, had ultra sound, ultra sound tech couldn't find it. GP said nothing to worry about. Wasn't until I read the report some time after and I noticed there was no reference to that particular lump. By this time 6 months had passed. Booked into another GP he couldn't feel the lump, sent me for another ultrasound. Again, technician didn't pick anything up, report came back with no reference to it, but to two epididymous cysts, which now feel quite prominate. GP said nothing there, I read the report while I was with him, and said there is something there I can feel it. Admittedly it is hard to find in a doctors surgery, but when the scrotum is relaxed in the shower etc it's obvious. I said I would go to another GP for another US. He referred me to a urologist instead. Went there yesterday, he read the report, checked testes and explained the two epidydmous cysts, I said that's not the lump I'm concerned about. He couldn't find the other one. So he checked again! Said he found it and it's nothing to worry about. I don't know if he actually found it or just wanted to wrap up the appointment. I still don't feel satisfied but not sure what else I can do.

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