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This morning in the shower I noticed that my left testicle was hanging freely, and my right was kind of just sitting there, higher than the left, but also it looked slightly larger. I felt around to see what this enlargement could be and I felt that veins were slightly larger, I think, and that there is a small lump, the size of a dime that is lingering alongside the right testicle. It isn't attached because I can move it alongside the right testicle.

I think I read it to be a spermatocele, but I'm not sure.

Basically what I can see from the mirror are my testicle. The left is hanging lower and more free, and the right seems to be hanging higher than the left, and the right side of my scrotum looks slightly larger.

I feel no discomfort, unless I start picking at the testicle, which would obviously happen since they're so sensitive.

What does it sound like to you?



It sounds like a small non dangerous cyst or small lump in the scrotum or on one of the cords inside the scrotum. It does not sound like testicular cancer since the lump moves independant from and is not on or part of the testicle itself. Many men and boys have various small lumps and cysts with no problems if no pain.