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I need some simplified info! What is dysarryhtmias?
Thanks in advance!


Dysarryhtmias is actually heart beat irregulative, than can be fatal and lethal. Dysarryhtmias can be a sign of potasium, calcium and magnesium lack, since heart needs these elements to get it going. So, for example bulimic and anorexic people often have this lack, which can lead to dysarryhtmias. We usually have a heart beat from 60 to 90 bpm, when the beat is to high or too slow, the heart may have problems in generating needing electricity. When there is too slow heart beat, this can lead to bradycardia. Consequently, PVC's (premature ventricular contractions) may also start happening, which is noted as a skipping of a heart, which may also sometimes feel like taking breath for a minute....these are all signs that dysarrythmias are drawing near. The first of a fatal dysarrythmia is ventricular tachycardia. Ventricular tachycardia is developed by people with ED with very low electrolytes; which is actually extremely fast arrythmia and it is usually fatal the first time it hits... Very small percentage of people with MVP (2 %) have severe or significant ventricular dysarrythmias from Ventricular tachycardia.


Former bulimic here. My story goes like this: I was bulimic (heavy bulimia) for 15 years, and anorexic a few years prior to that. I was also an excessive exerciser. Through therapy and self-help groups, I recovered. It has been 2.5 years. I am doing well. Other than my heart issues.

2 years ago, I relapsed into bulimia after 1 year or so of doing well. I got myself right into therapy, but still was struggling. I was also running. I suffered my first dizzy spell running in December of 2013, then 4 weeks later fainted on the treadmill. I went to a cardiologist at the time (a local doctor) who ran all sorts of tests and even though I have an abnormal EKG, determined it was an electrolyte imbalance.
I stopped the bulimic behavior after this.

4 weeks later (no bulimia - was doing well), I was running and went into sustained ventricular tachycardia - heart rate 280, was out, almost. Taken by an ambulance. Implanted with an ICD, and there was a scar on my right ventricle apex of unknown origin. They tried an ablation at this point but were unsuccessful. I was put on beta blockers. No bulimia.

I transferred myself to a more experienced hospital in a local city - one of the major medical hubs in the nation. The new more experienced doctor ran all sorts of tests to rule out virtually every disease that could affect the heart. Everything ruled out. Two years later (8 weeks ago) I had a successful ablation for a scar that was causing the arrhythmia and I was taken off the awful drugs, but I still have an ICD.

I am recovered from bulimia and it has been 2 years and I could never go back because I believe 15 years of an ED, daily vomiting (I cringe to think about the damage to my body) caused the scarring on my heart which caused the arrhythmia. My doctor (knows that I was bulimic) said it could not cause the damage to my heart. However, they are flummoxed as to the cause.

Deep down I believe the bulimia caused the fibrosis on my heart. Anyone have experience with this? I would love for you to chime in. I am trying to find research regarding that but am finding not much.

Hope to hear from you. I am happily off drugs and exercising in moderation and no bulimia but yet I wonder if all those years, I did alot of damage to my heart and maybe even my lower esophagus which has motility issues.

Thanks and hope to hear from you!