My period started Aug 4-after I checked cervix- (really light, kinda pink but by that night, regular bleeding) it was already a day late. Normally 5 days of bleeding; 3 and brown spotted discharge day 4 but nothing on pad the remainder of day and night. Sex this morning and when I went to the bathroom, when I wiped, it was pink with clear white fluid that was extremely elastic, did not break or dry up. Prior to bleeding, I had appx. 5 days of breast tenderness and nauseau which lasted 2 days after bleeding with vomiting. Checked cervix and it was very high but felt very closed. Was that fertile cervical fluid that I saw or semen and is it possible to get pregnant this early in what could be considered a period? Should I take a HPT since I'm not totally convinced it was a period? Can anybody help me?!