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Okay so I just found out I'm pregnant, and I haven't went to see a doctor yet because I'm waiting for my husband to call the clinic on base so I can be seen :( but , I've been feeling nausea all day , to the point where eating just makes me feel worse. So yesterday I bought Emetrol but I haven't took it yet :/ does anyone know if I should ? And I'm only like 3 weeks pregnant :/


Hello Ashley,

it would be best to get the doctor's advice, but Emetrol is generally considered safe to take for 'morning nausea' during pregnancy because it only stops too much spasms in your stomach. You also have a more natural alternative - ginger, whether you take it fresh or in powdered form. If you can, try at least calling the doctor's office before taking Emetrol, even though I think you will get 'all clear' to take it. It's worse for you and the baby if you can't hold down any food than taking either ginger or Emetrol,

Wish you all the best,