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I had an encounter with a prostitute 3 days ago. I had a a ha****b in my car.

I touched her vagina before putting a condom on my penis on but most of the part that I touched was her pubic hair but I still tried reaching for her clitoris but I wasn't able to because she was sitting.

She gave me a condom I tried putting it on with my left hand (The hand that did not touch her) but I could not so I tried to put it on using both hands while trying my best not to have my right hand touch my penis but it still touched a little bit.

She said the condom was inside out that's why she was the one who put it on my penis. So my penis was exposed to both sides of the condom and my hand that touched her vagina.

We did not have sex nor did she use her mouth. The only thing involved was her hand and my right hand which touched her pubic area and a little bit below and the condom that was flipped both sides. But I did try to sniff her panties but I did not bury my face on it nor made skin contact with any part of my face with it.

I noticed in the morning that there was redness in my penis and I figured that it was from the friction as I don't touch my tip when I masturbate and when she gave me a ha****b there was a condom and she was vigorously stroking my whole penis. Most of the redness is gone now what's left is some sort of a pimple that is small and doesn't hurt.

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That spot does not look like an std that I have ever seen I would just keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get any bigger or start hurting.