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my gf and i were fooling around and this is how it went down. We DID NOT have sexual intercourse. She gave me oral and a ha****b. While she was giving me a ha****b, she touched her vagina with the same hand she was giving me a ha****b with. What we're afraid of is that there may have been precum on my penis and it transferred to her fingers. My penis was wet because of the oral and we're scared that there may have been some precum on her fingers when she touched herself. Could someone please give us some input? Her period is due around the last two weeks of the month.


Hi Pink Dolphin,

Where pre-cum is concerned you will hear differing stories on whether it will cause pregnancy or not.  In my experience it is a very low chance that pregnancy occurs from pre-cum.  The majority of sperm is in the ejaculation and only a little bit in the pre-cum.  Also, pre-cum acts mostly as a lubricant and a PH neutralizer for the sperm to swim easier into and through the vaginal canal.  So chances are very low that your gf will be pregnant.  Best thing to prevent pregnancies is condoms and birth control, you should think about investing in one or both of these for the future.

Hope this helps