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So my gf and i had a mutual masturbation. We did that a few times before, but we never really had an intercourse. Last monday, we got aroused. Things got out of hand.

I touched my precum and wipe it all over the head of my penis. Then i start playing with her clitoris. I was about to finger her but she told me not to. So after she came, she did ha****b me. I came into her hand but her hand is full of soap coz we used the soap as the lubricant. She washed her hand that she used with water only since theres soap on her hand but not really well. Then after a few minutes, she washed her vagina accidentally with the hand she used to ha****b me.

could she get pregnant with just like that? she's telling me she feels heavy and she's having a sorethroat. we're very worried and nervous also.

if she's pregnant, how can we tell? thank you for those who will answer


Its a chance but nothing to worry about its not like you cum in side her like my bf did-.-