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I have had two kidney infections over the last year and both times, antibiotics cleared up the kidney infection very fast. Ever since I had kidney infections, I feel worse and often feel some nasty pressure around the location of my kidneys. Are these long term side effects from having kidney infections? What can I do?


Hi there,

Having kidney infection can be very problematic. The problem is that you can have many kidney infections if you treat them all there is always a chance to get a new one.  Tone of the main side effect of kidney infection is onset of kidney stones. Also kidney stones might be a cause of kidney infections, so you really should test your urine to see if you have kidney stones in your urine. The fact is that you need to treat kidney stones on time because they can grow larger and cause you more complications then kidney infection. One of symptoms of kidney stones is definitely pain located around your kidneys in the back. I hope this helped a bit.