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I had a second rotator cuff repair and I live everyday with an enormous amount of pain still in my shoulder. Did something go wrong or was something not done right?


I had full complete tear of Subscapula, and tore bicep off bone and out of groove and three tears in April 2012.  Pulled back with small light weight vaccum.  Seriously light weight.  I heard a terrible pop...burning sensation down my arm.  I "nursed" it for 3 more months til I could hardly move it.  Finally went back to dr.  Sure enough...tore bicept bck off bone again...and two more complete tears in two other muscles. seven months time...I tore my shoulder pretty much apart.  I had another surgery late Nov. 2012 to fix the other tears.  I have been in therapy for 17 months.  I still have swelling, tightness, pain.  Therapist told me pretty much...six months out is most likely how you will be.  I will never be without pain again...and it will always be tight.  Every surgery they take more and more muscle to repair.  Kinda like sewing torn pants.  It is never the same again.  I am very careful.  He told me days of lifting over my head are gone.  So sad.  I have to be very careful.  He told me if I tore it again...most likely couldn't be fixed.  Only so much muscle in there they can keep repairing.  It sucks.  But it is what it is.  ;(   Be very careful.  YOU CAN AND ALOT DO...TEAR IT AGAIN!!  ;(  BEST OF LUCK TO ALL. 

And I too hear clicking and get sharp stabbing pains.  After almost 18 months.  Really is the pits.  But...WE ARE ALIVE!!  Thank You God.