Ok a short history. 10 months ago I had a rotator cuff repair to my right shoulder after a torn supraspinatus. After that operation I had a fair bit of grinding/crepitus but was told in followup consultations that it was nothing to worry about. 6 months later I was back having the surgery again as the tendon had torn off again. That was 3 months ago. I've been to physio many times since and followed the guide lines for what exercises to do when. Now I'm sure the tendon is still fine but I have constant clunking in the shoulder whenever I use the arm. The muscles in my shoulder have faded away with lack of use leaving it looking and feeling very boney. I know I need to rebuild the muscles around the joint but it seems the more I train the more soreness I get around the joint. It actually feels like I can feel the anchor pulling on the bone which is still sore. I feel like I'm in a catch 22 situation, I need to build muscle to stabilise the shoulder and possibly stop all the clunking, but exercising the shoulder just makes it sore ( I'm not talking about the kind of muscle soreness you get from weight training, more painful )

Do I need to forget the exercises and just let the shoulder fully heal/calm down before trying to build the muscles up? It feels like the clunking is causing the soreness, and the only way to stop that would be to go back to a sling and not use the arm.