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I had rotator cuff surgery repair with torn laberum and ligament repair surgery. It has been five months and ever since the surgery I can not lay on my back due to my winging. My trapezoid also feels raised up and the muscles in my upper chest of that shoulder feel much pain and swelling when I use that shoulder. Is this impingment? It wasn’t like this before my surgery and the pain and discomfort are unbearable. Will I need another surgery to correct this? I feel like they didn’t put me back together correctly because these areas were the most painful immediately after surgery and still remain painful. I can move my shoulder but the more I use it the more pain and


Hello, Lanceydee... I am so sorry you are having difficulties after rotator cuff surgery. I have had the surgery myself and know the agony of the healing from it!  When you go see the surgeon, does he belief your range of motion is good?  I know that I had difficulty sleeping with my arm in a certain position for almost a year.  By then, my shoulder and arm finally seemed to be back to normal.  I hope this is the case for you.  Keep doing the physical therapy on your shoulder and things should get better for you.  Good luck!