I am a 24 Male who has been diagnosed epididymitis/orchitis.

When it first happened I had to be admitted to hospital as I waited for such a long time before seeking help but it cleared up after a few weeks. That time it was on the right testicle. I was advised to rest and wear a support which I did.

However it happened a few months later after a heavy training session (jogging and sprinting). This time however it was on the left. I got some more ciproxen from the doctor but after it didn't clear up I was advised to see a urologist.

The urologist then ruled out infection by taking scans of my kidneys and bladder. He also put a camera inside to check my bladder. After all this I was told that I am clear of infection and was advised to wear a support when I play sport.

The problem is when I run or jump my testes swell up afterwards. This is really frustration and worring for me.

Could it be possible that I have been misdiagnosed?? I Have pain in my abdomen and it feels like the nerves that run from my abdomen into my testicles is what is inflamed. Could this be possible? Any help would be appreciated!!

Oh and I have a girlfriend but the doctor ruled out infection. When we have sex sometimes my right testicle goes inside me until i have to stop and pull it out. This never happened before!! It feels like my left testicle hangs too low and my right is too tight.

Sorry for writing such a long message :-)