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a few days ago a dull pain started in my left testical and wont go away, im sure there hasent been any impact nor hav i been sexualy active for a while, its a continues pain somtimes a sharp pain comes and goes for a few seconds any ideas on wat it could be


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It could be some sort of infection. Epididymitis or orchitis, or even orchitoepididymitis (or what ever it is called). I had problems with epididymitis, and the pain was devastating. I also had a small lump and a little bit of swelling. I freaked that maybe it was a tumor or something but luckily it was “just” an epididymitis. This is a bacterial inflammation of epididymitis, a tube that is attached to the testicle. Bacteria can get into the testicle either from anus area, reaching urethra and then travel through the reproductive tract and reaching testicle or it could come from infected bladder.
It is probably E. coli but it would be best if you visited an urologist if this pain persisted because it needs to be treated, so it wouldn’t progress.

Of course, there could be other reasons, like kidney stones, or hernia but you would certainly have other symptoms following testicle ache. In kidney stones, you would first experience pain in the lower back, and then groins and testicle and in hernia, you would notice a lump in the groins.

So, we wouldn’t be talking theoretically here, the best solution would be to see a doc!